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Your no-frills, super moist, delicious, baked coconut rice tropical pastry, inspired by Philippine bibingka, that just melts in your mouth on your first bite.

Binka Bites takes you to sunrise in the islands where life is about drinking the finest smoky-flavored coffee while enjoying a local island dessert.

Crafted by hand in small batches.



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About Us

Binka Bites is made of fun & exotic ingredients, such as coconut and rice flour, inspired by a tropical holiday pastry from the exotic Philippine islands called Bibingka (pronounced as bee-beeng-kah).

It is owned and operated by a Le Cordon Bleu Certified Chef and his sister, an entrepreneur and a business degree graduate of the University of California Santa Cruz. Today, Chef Jo Ongsiako, Jasmin Ongsiako and their culinary team spend much of their time in their commercial kitchen in South San Francisco, California, lovingly preparing hand-crafted batches of Binka Bites and coming up with new and exciting flavors, using seasonal, local and organic ingredients wherever possible, to share with the San Francisco Bay Area community.

How It All Began…
Chef Jo learned how to cook from his grandma in the Philippines at age 8. After having traveled and tried different kinds of pastries all over the world, his biggest passion is still bibingka, a home-made tropical pastry with an aroma that evokes happy childhood memories. In 2012, he came up with his own twist of bite-sized bibingka, which he now calls it Binka Bites, that became an immediate hit to friends and family.

Binka Bites is available to customers in the San Francisco Bay Area and soon all over the United States. It is Chef Jo’s way of spreading happiness…bite-sized and no-frills, wherever you are.

How do I store my Binka Bites?

If you are not consuming your Binka Bites right away after purchase, place them in an airtight container and refrigerate for 1 day OR freeze for 3 days. Please allow them to thaw at room temperature for about 2 hours before serving. Please note, if you would to serve warm (non-frosted only), microwave for 10 to 15 seconds once thawed.

Classic – Half Dozen

Sweet & savory original flavored bibingka with salted egg and cheese

$16.00 / Half Dozen

Naked – Half Dozen

Dress it up with your favorite ice cream, gelato, dip, fruit, nut or spread

$16.00 / Half Dozen

Churro – Half Dozen

Naked Binka topped with melted butter, cinnamon and sugar

$16.00 / Half Dozen

Nutella – Half Dozen

Hazelnut spread stuffed inside a Naked Binka

$16.00 / Half Dozen

Ube  Flan – Half Dozen

Topped with ube cream cheese frosting and leche flan

$21.00 / Half Dozen

S’mores – Half Dozen

Topped with melted semisweet chocolate, toasted marshmallow, and crushed graham crackers

$21.00 / Half Dozen

Dulce  de  Leche  Almonds – Half Dozen

Topped with dulce de leche sauce and sliced toasted almonds

$21.00 / Half Dozen

Choco  Peanut  Butter – Half Dozen

Naked Binka dipped in melted semisweet chocolate and filled with creamy peanut butter

$16.00 / Half Dozen

Ube  Langka – Half Dozen

Filled and topped with langka (jackfruit) and yummy ube cream cheese frosting

$21.00 / Half Dozen

Ube  Macapuno – Half Dozen

Filled and topped with macapuno and delicious ube cream cheese frosting

$21.00 / Half Dozen

Vietnamese  Coffee – Half Dozen

Filled with sweetened condensed milk, topped with espresso icing  and dark chocolate flakes

$21.00/ Half Dozen

Mango  Cream – Half Dozen

Filled with mangoes, topped with vanilla whipped cream frosting and graham cracker crumbs

$21.00 / Half Dozen

Binkies (Ube) – Dozen

One-bite mini cupcake bibingkas topped with ube and toasted coconut flakes

$14 / Dozen

Binkies (Oreo) – Dozen

One-bite mini cupcake bibingkas topped with whipped cream frosting and Oreo crumbs

$14 / Dozen

Binkies (Dulce  de   Leche) – Dozen

One-bite mini cupcake bibingkas topped with Dulce de Leche and graham crumbs

$14 / Dozen

Binkies (Nutella) – Dozen

One-bite mini cupcake bibingkas topped with hazelnut spread

$14 / Dozen

Binka  Cheesecake  6″ Round-Naked

It’s a melt-in-your-mouth combination of creamy cheesecake and Naked Binka

$21 each

Binka  Cheesecake  6″ Round- Classic

Naked Binka Cheesecake topped with grated parmesan cheese and chopped salted egg

$24 each


Celebrate with Binka Bites. Enjoy delicious Binka Bites on special occasions in your life.

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Weddings
  • Christenings
  • Corporate Events

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